Les Antilles à Jonzac

Les Antilles à Jonzac

"Les Antilles" at Jonzac : Aquatic park

Les Coteaux Jonzac

At the mouth of the Gironde estuary, each small town offers visitors astonishing nature landscapes.Nestled between cliffs on one side and the river on the other, the road is very picturesque. When you comecloser to the residence holiday Les Coteaux de Jonzac, we'll appereciate the atmosphere of this charming city of southwest of France. 

An exotic scent

"Les Antilles" aquatic park is  accessible free of charge to Vacances Bleues residents. Under a large stretch canvas in the shape of a wave, the tropical atmosphere contrasts with the cloudy sky.

"  Palms, coconut trees, fine sand beach..."


It's a real piece of the West Indies in France! With its lagoon, its beaches, its palm trees, its coconut trees but also its tropical greenhouse and its wellness area.

A day by the sea

This summer, come discover the fun activities with your family. These water game will not only get your kid splashing around, it'll get them having a quality moment with you.There are some pools slope, waterfall, turquoise water at 29 degrees for having fun with the whole family. A child said to his mom :
"Mom, it's too good, come with us we'll have fun". The mothers, lying on the beach, watch as their children smile, play and laugh. 

" Mom it's so good, come with us we'll have fun”.
(Théo, 8 years old)

A lagoon heated all year round

Teenagers use the covered water corridor to reach the heated lagoon outside where some are already having fun in a kind of improvised water polo. Smaller children enjoy the paddling pool and playgrounds specifically designed for them. In a mixture of laughter and excitement, they play with the water, draw in the sand or splash each other in the fun aquatic park.

A variety of activities 

On the footbridge, which offers an exceptional and panoramic view of the pools, a retired couple takes advantage of the restaurant to take a gourmet break. While sportsman go to the gym to perform some
exercises on elliptical bikes. Down below, we meet a group that has come to explore the tropical greenhouse. People are amazed at the hundreds of orchids grown, admire papayas or pineapples and admire at the bird's beautiful wing feather.

" Palm and coconut trees in this amazing and grandiose setting. "


A relaxing break, far away from the hustle and bustle

A group of friends resting on arm at the edge of swimming pool at 32 degrees enjoy the serenity of the place. Their eyes are lost in the immensity of the structure. Here, the calm contrasts with the agitation of the play. The lifeguard ensures their tranquillity. A few meters further, people enter and leave the sauna or hammam to come to lie down on the deckchairs. The soundproof walls also house the care institute, which is open all year round. 

Les Antilles Jonzac

Calm, luxury and pleasure

Outside under the palm trees, a couple quietly drink a cocktail on comfortable deckchairs. Visibly relaxed they came to enjoy the present moment. A few minutes earlier, they went to the spa, where they had booked a treatment for two. A real break that they are happy to extend. 

" A couple quietly drink a cocktail on comfortable deckchairs. "