Out of ordinary Excursions

Out of ordinary Excursions
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Unusual holidays in the heart of Paris

Discover Paris through an unusual journey by taking a walk in the heart of the city's island. Accompanied by a guide, you will have the opportunity to discover the origins of Paris and the emblematic places of the city of a hundred villages. In particular the Place du Châtelet, the quays of the Seine, the Pont Neuf, as well as the Place Dauphine. Do you need to spice up your unusual stay? Take part in a treasure hunt where you will take on the role of a detective to help the police identify the personality of a burglar. Finally, during your unusual weekend, discover the Philharmonic City of Paris and its dreamlike architecture combining extraordinary aesthetic and acoustic aspects.

Discover Deauville in a different way!

Enjoy the traditions of the Normandy region in the charming hotel, Les Jardins de Deauville. Enjoy local products such as cheese fondues, gourmet cassolettes or Léontine pies and discover the life of a thoroughbred stud farm, breeding, training and competition accompanied by the owner of the premises.