Restaurant le grand Large in Biarritz - Vacances Bleues

Restaurant le grand Large in Biarritz - Vacances Bleues

Cooking at the Grand Large: the chef tells you all about it

residence avec piscine a biarritz

It is under the warm sun of the Basque Country and on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic that the residents of the Grand Large taste the dishes prepared by the discreet but subtle chef Emmanuel Biot. In the room, where guests are greeted by the sparkling maître d' Daniel, there is a sound of cutlery and lively conversations. On all faces, we can read the satisfaction of the taste buds and the pleasure of the eyes.

The chef, a man of heart and terroir

le chef du restaurant grand large a biarritz



Toque on the head and eye on everything, it is rather rare that guests of the restaurant du Grand Large can see the chef. Yet, in his kitchen, he manages his teams with rigour, professionalism and humanity.

A true iron fist in a velvet glove, for him, cooking is above all a love story. The love of food of course, but also of people and their know-how.

You can't be a chef if you don't like others
(Emmanuel, Chef at the Grand Large)

Emmanuel is a proud Basque from his region who likes to create simple dishes without artifice. What interests him is to arouse emotion and tickle the senses.

Chef for 18 years, he likes to work with local products and offers an honest but gourmet cuisine.


Choice and flavours

At all the tables of the restaurant, there is an amazing culinary experience. In addition to the special dish of the day, guests are confronted with a choice of varied and tempting local dishes. Gambas, suckling pig, fish of the day, piperade... on the advice of the maître d', hesitation gives way to envy and each dish is greeted with enthusiasm.

Cooking is about taste, flavours, colour, you must want to eat  (Emmanuel, Chef at the Grand Large)

The delight of the eyes is followed by that of the palate and it is only interjections of pleasure that escape from the mouths eager to swallow the next bite. 

An exceptional setting for a quality cuisine

restaurant avec vue panoramique biarritz

From any table, guests can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean and the large beach of Biarritz. An opportunity for them to let their minds and palates escape.

We like to eat at the Grand Large because the atmosphere is friendly, the setting is magical and the cuisine impeccable (Daniel, used to the Grand Large)

In addition to the gustatory journey, there is a magnificent setting where everyone can enjoy the landscape and the tranquility of the place.