What should you do to get ready for your holiday?

What should you do to get ready for your holiday?
So you've made your mind up! This year, you're going away on holiday! That's great news and it makes no difference whether you're going with the family, the grandchildren or your significant other! Here at Vacances Bleues, we have some valuable advice for you so that you can start packing and be sure of a restful break.

Getting ready for a family holiday

Do you want to take the whole gang away but don't know where to start? Our Vacances Bleues teams are here to help you plan your holiday in line with your budget, your likes and your ideal destinations.

And lastly, we at Vacances Bleues have written an article with complete guide to happy family holidays that you can read in our newsletter LE MAG. The article contains our tips for:

  • Preparing for your departure and optimising logistics
  • Keeping your cool and letting your hair down
  • Setting some time aside for yourself

However carefully you plan and prepare for your trip, there's always a chance of unforeseen setbacks. For your protection and to ensure a trip that's as safe as possible, we recommend taking out our multi-risk travel insurance. This will provide excellent cover before, during and after your break.

Get ready for your holiday with the grandchildren

Before setting off on holiday with the grandchildren, here's some practical advice to help make your life easier:

  • Check the family insurance to make sure your grandchildren are covered as well as any damage that might occur in the event of an accident, or damages to third parties;
  • authorisations to leave the country. And remember to take the relevant health insurance forms with you in case they need medical care abroad;
  • Depending on how old your grandchildren are, find out what equipment is available at your holiday rental, hotel or holiday club (e.g. cots, children's activities, etc.).

An article in the Vacances Bleues newsletter LE MAG has lots of helpful information about the benefits of inter-generational holidays, as well as good practices that you can implement to ensure that everyone has a great time and can build long-lasting memories.

Get ready for your couple's or solo weekend

Do you want to take advantage of a long weekend to explore a new destination? In order to make the most of your short break, one single rule applies: PLAN AHEAD!

Our advice is simple: make as many decisions as possible before setting off from home. Things like: Where do you want to stay? What do you want to do at your destination? What sort of transport is available when you get there? Which bag are you taking and what are you putting in it? And so on and so forth.

Psssst !

Are the holidays nearly here and you still can't decide where to go? While social media and influencers can be a real source of inspiration for some, for others it could be a major sporting event or the desire to see the shooting location of a popular TV show that provide the stimulus. Does this sound like you?