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Our values

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Staying true to our roots

Vacances Bleues is a hotel group, which offers a wide range of holidays in France, travel abroad and seminar facilities. Our commitments are based around five core values.


The most wonderful and wildest dream, of three friends in Marseille, some 50 years ago: to make it possible for everyone to enjoy holidays in exceptional places. Created as a non-profit organisation, Vacances Bleues hasn't changed a thing; and yet it changes everything. As there are no shareholders, all profits are reinvested to benefit our customers. And as for our distinctive Southern French accent, it still resonates around our call centre.

"Strong roots to climb higher and see beyond."
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Striving for excellence

Our everyday goal

Vacances Bleues merges the quality requirements set by the private sector with the values of the non-profit movement. By providing a level of service to match that of private operators while remaining a socially responsible business, the group embodies the best of both worlds. Unlike mass tourism, Vacances Bleues has developed a prestigious offering that is entirely unique in France and abroad.

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Acting for a more sustainable world

 A sense of responsibility

Without ever having declared it, Vacances Bleues is a pioneer in responsible tourism. The group seeks to strike a balance between economic performance and its commitments to sustainability and the environment. In addition to ensuring the career development of its employees, Vacances Bleues offers equitable travel tours to many countries. Through its foundation, it supports young artists, takes environmental action (offsetting carbon emissions) and provides funding for humanitarian organisations.

"Without commitment, how can we change the world?"
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Discovering the world

An inclusive approach

The world is a big place, and we're thinking big. We take you close to home to places in France, further south to Sicily or Seville, further north to Iceland or Scotland. What about sustainable tourism?

At Vacances Bleues, discover this concept with our Voyager Autrement tours. Tours are organised for small groups to make it easier to meet local populations and development workers. You can then gently immerse yourself in the reality of life in these countries.

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Creating a bond

Respecting people

Vacances Bleues is committed to promoting tolerance and mutual respect. It opposes all forms of discrimination and creates solid and sincere bonds with its employees, its suppliers and local populations on tours overseas.
Vacances Bleues creates strong bonds that give real meaning to your holidays. Bonds between our teams and our guests, to the point where generations come back time after time. Families deepen their bonds by sharing special moments together. Our guests bond with their surrounding through a more environmentally-friendly way of travelling and a taking a more respectful approach to local populations. Bonds are created with local organisations and artists by supporting community projects and developing sponsorships.

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Always attentive to you needs

A sense of service

Our teams take care of everything. providing a wonderful atmosphere, comfort and entertainment, and always with a smile, a kind word, and thoughtful touches. Thanks to their caring nature, everyone of all ages feels at home. Consequently, we share ideas and experiences as if we were one big family.

"Exceptional places for all to enjoy, without exception !"