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Group tours with Vacances Bleues

With its 50 years of experience, Vacances Bleues is your preferred partner when it comes to organised holiday tours. You can rely on our team to listen to your requirements and create tailor-made itineraries for groups of 15 people or more. Flexibility and creativity are our buzz words.


Your group benefits

Vacances Bleues has a wealth of ideas and exclusive offers (tailor-made holidays, all-inclusive packages, group discounts, trip itineraries, and much more). Contact us directly to ask for a quote.

Villa Modigliani Paris
Villa Modigliani Paris

The most comfortable accommodation for your group

Our hotels, clubs and residences are located in over 20 destinations in France. Vacances Bleues offers a wide variety of packages (half-board, full-board and self-catering) with each location offering all the leisure facilities, as well as sports and cultural activities you could wish for.


Tailor-made itineraries

Vacances Bleues holidays vary with the seasons and your desires. They are organised around 6 themes:

  • Exploring our Terroir
  • Festive Celebrations (Carnival in Nice, The Lemon Festival, Christmas/New Year)
  • Games & Dance
  • Cycling Tours
  • Hiking
  • Skiing and Snow-hiking

Design your own, unique holiday with the help of one of our sales advisors!

Lou Castel Vacances Bleues Ardèche

25 destinations in France for exploring the country

Do you love the mountains, the sea, and the countryside? You're in luck, because Vacances Bleues offers outstanding locations in the mountains, by the sea, in the countryside and in the city.

Catalogue France Groupes

Our special brochure for groups

Find out about all our group holidays in France in our annual brochure which includes hiking ideas, themed holidays, new products and much more... Discover it online !


Say "Bye Bye" France and "Hello" World

Travel the world as a group, either on a gentle tour to discover the must-see attractions, or join an ethical and social-tourism trip to learn more about the local population and the reality of life in that country.

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