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Planning your holiday

How do you plan for your holiday ?


Our top tips for a great holiday

So you've made your mind up! This year, you're going away on holiday! That's great news and it makes no difference whether you're going with the family, the grandchildren or your significant other! Here at Vacances Bleues, we have some top tips for you so that you can start packing and be sure of a restful break.

Rule No.1: Tell us everything
Our Vacances Bleues teams are here to help you plan your holiday in line with your budget, your likes and your ideal destination!

Rule No. 2: Plan ahead
Ask as many questions as possible before you go. What type of accommodation do you want? What activities do you want to do? What equipment do you need for your children (baby beds, changing table, etc.)? How do you get there? What luggage should you take? What clothes should you bring?

Rule No. 3: Get insured
However carefully you plan your trip, there's always a chance of unforeseen setbacks. For your protection and to ensure a trip that's as safe as possible, we recommend taking out our multi-risk travel insurance. This will give you optimum cover prior to, during and after your holiday. You should also take along your health insurance forms for any medical care you may receive while abroad.


If you're travelling abroad, remember to bring your identity card or passport and, if necessary, authorisation to leave the country for minors who are not accompanied by their parents.


For an enjoyable holiday

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  • Prepare for your departure and optimise logistics
  • Keep your cool and let your hair down
  • Set some time aside for yourself
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