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Our story


A wonderful story

Vacances Bleues is as blue as the colours of the Mediterranean. It is as blue as the cross on the flag of Marseille, the city where the non-profit organisation was founded in 1971 with one objective in mind: To make holidays accessible to as many people as possible.

In 1982, the adventure continued with the opening of a holiday village near the magnificent Lac de Serre-Ponçon. Even though the founders of the organisation were already thinking about the future, history was made of its own accord. Every year, hotels, clubs and residences in exceptional locations have joined the Vacances Bleues selection in France. Today, there are some 25 destinations. Vacances Bleues also offers cruises and trips abroad. They too create bonds that give meaning to our holidays by encouraging communication and sharing.

“Holidays with us don't fund holidays for our shareholders”

Proud to be a non-profit organisation

Created as a non-profit organisation, Vacances Bleues has remained true to its roots. It is still a non-profit organisation that governs the group's future, based on the values of sharing and inclusiveness that have been there from the very outset, as well as an exceptional quality of service. As the group's sole shareholder, the organisation chooses to reinvest 100% of its profits each year to constantly enhance the quality of its hospitality and services. The fact that Vacances Bleues was voted France's favourite brand for the second year running, was not by chance!

Did you know ?

Vacances Bleues is committed to local sourcing for products and services.