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Holidays for Works Councils, Social & Economic Committees and Local Authorities


Managing your budget

If you are a Works Council, a Social and Economic Committee or a local authority, contact us and together we can build a partnership to provide your employees with dream holidays in France or abroad at very attractive prices, while keeping your expenses to a minimum. Vacances Bleues offers you a choice of 25 exceptional locations in France at clubs, hotels and rental properties and around 50 different destinations abroad to enjoy holidays, tours and cruises. In line with our commitment to positive-impact tourism, Vacances Bleues supports development projects in the countries and regions we visit.


A tailor-made package for each Works Council/Social and Economic Committee/Local Authority

Vacances Bleues is able to quickly and respond to all your needs, with a creative flair.

  • Individual bookings: The employee makes their own booking. To benefit from a discount, they must specify their organisation code when making their payment.
  • Individual bookings with corporate contribution: As soon as the employee makes their initial deposit, the corporate contribution is automatically deducted from the booking total.
  • Works Council bookings, with or without an allowance: These bookings are invoiced to the Works Council, which receives payment from the employee and pays Vacances Bleues directly.

Le saviez-vous ?

If you manage a Works Council, contact our sales team and together we can develop tailor-made trips to suit your group. You can also request an allowance to be put in place with an agreed time limit for repayment, based on your requirements.

Placing their trust in us:

Here are just some of our long-standing collaborations with social and economic committees: Acas du CEA, CGOS, CNAS, Airbus Staff Council, Airbus Helicopters, Airbus Operation, Air Liquide, CCUES MGEN, Safran Evry Corbeil & Safran Villaroche, CCUES Orange, CCE Air France, CE Michelin, AGOSPAP, CE RATP, CAES CNRS...