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Places to get together and forge bonds for the future

Your Vacances Bleues holidays with children

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Going on holiday with a child: a little bit of adventure with 'Les P'tits Nosors' ('The Little Dinosaurs')

For them: age-appropriate clubs offering activities they enjoy and the chance to have fun and make new friends. For you: the peace of mind that comes from knowing your children are in safe and competent hands, so you can enjoy your adult time without feeling guilty.

Are your children huge dinosaur fans? Do they know all the fairy tales by heart or collect unicorns? Our children's entertainers can adapt the activities on offer in line with your children's favourites, to ensure their days are fun and exciting. There are lots of laughs, sport and discoveries on the menu! One thing is certain – your kids will never be bored and will take home lots of happy memories.

  • Creative activities to get their imagination going
  • Sports and manual games to make loads of pals
  • Nature discovery and eco-friendly outings
  • An end-of-stay show to make Mum and Dad proud (and maybe shed a tear or two)

Holidays with children's clubs? The big kids' playground for Les Castors ('The Beavers')

A bit more independence... your children start to stand on their own two feet in the big kids' playground! We will watch over them lovingly as they enjoy the feeling of striking out on their own. Under our watchful eye, your children will have the opportunity to become more independent and make new friends. At Les Castors growing up is fun!

  • Plenty of games to foster their team spirit
  • Tons of new stuff to stimulate their curiosity
  • Sporting and artistic activities to nurture passion
  • Cooking workshops to help them become more independent


Bloubi is a great pal, and a protective and affectionate companion. Our mascot will welcome your children, making them laugh from the moment they arrive. The little holidaymakers will enjoy his company as they run around, explore, participate, create, excel, dream and make new friends...

« In the words of the Françoise Hardy song, 'It's time for love, the time for friends and adventure » Françoise Hardy

Activities galore at a kids' club? At The Juniors, making friends comes first and foremost

When you're aged between 11 and 13, holidays are a time for love, friends and adventure. Friendship lies at the heart of every subject. This is a really important time in your children's lives as they ease towards their teens. What's more, the activities on offer at our club will help them smooth the way as they build their identity.

  • Recreational and artistic activities so they can express their personality
  • Sporting activities let them run off their energy
  • Giant challenges to work on as a team

Holidays with teens? No parents allowed at Teens' World

What if we told you that taking your teens on holiday is not necessarily a recipe for arguments and scoldings? On the contrary! We at Vacances Bleues have put everything place to ensure smooth relations and the strengthening of inter-generational bonds. We offer everyone – parents and their 'big' kids alike – the chance for a break to recharge their batteries and enjoy the freedom of spending some beneficial time apart.

  • Spaces dedicated to our teenage guests, with music, table football and computers
  • Interactive games (Wii, Xbox, Playstation and Master Mind)
  • Sports tournaments (beach volleyball, soccer, sailing, windsurfing and more)
  • An evening with a DJ once a week


During school holidays, all of our children's clubs are free and open five and a half days per week (from Sunday afternoon to Friday). To give you a real break, you can leave your children in the care of our entertainers for an entire day and evening once a week.

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Psssst !

Do you have a very young child but would be glad of a few hours' break?
Our nursery service is the answer, giving you the chance to catch your breath and reconnect with yourself. You can leave your baby in our care for several half-days during your stay. Our specialised early childhood entertainers will welcome your little one tenderly and professionally. The nursery spaces are kitted out specifically with our littlest guests in mind and the programmes are adapted to their pace and routines (naps, meal times and play during waking hours).