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Children's Club

Holidaying with your children: happy times as a family


Laughter, games and friendship

Are you going on holiday with a child aged between 3 and 13 ? With Vacances Bleues, we offer activities designed for every age group. Supervised in the appropriate club, your child can make new friends and enjoy the wealth of activities laid on by our qualified childcare staff.

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A holiday with the Children's Club: a delightful cocoon with the P'tits Nosors

On the daytime activity menu at the P'tits Nosors Club:

  • Manual work
  • Disguises and shows
  • Games and walks in the countryside
  • Meetings with Bloubi, etc.
While the grown-ups enjoy their activities, the children also have an amazing time !
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Children's Holiday Club: adventures with the "Castors"

On the daytime activity menu at the Castors Club:

  • A mix of sport, fun and artistic activities
  • Treasure hunts
  • Cooking workshops
  • IIntroduction to sailing, and more.
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A holiday with the Children's Club: a world apart for kids

Daytime activities at the Junior Club include:

  • A plethora of sports: archery, volleyball, windsurfing, etc.
  • Orienteering races
  • Team challenges
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Do you know Bloubi ?

To make your children's or grandchildren's eyes sparkle even more, Vacances Bleues has invented a mascot in the Vacances Bleues colours. Come and meet Bloubi, the adorable koala bear: a soft and curvy mascot who brings children and adults together for some wonderful moments:

  • Bloubi Challenge: a collective game of skill
  • Bloubi Party: a get-together on the dance floor
  • Bloubi Awards: a diploma ceremony + photo and autograph session

Good to know

Because the family comes first with us, we offer mini-prices for the little ones! Our "Family Friendly" offers adapt to your family's needs with discounts and accommodation solutions especially designed to simplify the organisational side when you go on holiday !

Discover our reduced prices for kids