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Our vision


Tourism of the future - since the beginning

Founded as a tourism non-profit organisation, Vacances Bleues has been developing a special approach to holidays for the past fifty years, based on eco-friendly and sustainable tourism in France and abroad.

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The human face of tourism

Vacances Bleues has always pampered its customers, cajoled its teams, pampered its partners, looked after the environment and encouraged the local economy.

Designing holidays that nourish your spirit and make your heart beat faster is our vocation and our passion. At Vacances Bleues, we've always been committed to responsible tourism that cares for people and places... for as long as we can remember.

A word from our chairman

For more than 50 years we have been at the helm, striving to offer exceptional holiday destinations for everyone to enjoy, while advocating sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism.
Jérôme Vayr
Chairman of Vacances Bleues

Standardization ? No thanks !

Each of our establishments is unique. Whether a palace, a stylish hotel, an Art Deco villa, a club or a residence, each has its own history and character. However, they all have one thing in common and that is a prestigious and stunning location.


A menu brimming with local flavours

Vacances Bleues makes it a priority to source produce from local suppliers. Each of our hotels and clubs uses local ingredients sourced from producers within a radius of 150 km. From breakfast through to dinner, enjoy a variety of buffets, regional specialities and local produce.


Travel in an alternative way

Vacances Bleues' Voyager Autrement tours offer small groups the opportunity to discover new places and encounter diverse cultures. This enables you to gain a better understanding of the realities of life in these countries as well as a chance to create new bonds.


Offsetting your carbon footprint

This is Vacances Bleues' commitment. All our operations are run in an environmentally friendly way. For instance, for every booking made for a trip abroad, Vacances Bleues contributes to a reforestation project in Guatemala.