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Sustainable holidays in solidarity

to promote green tourism

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Vacances Bleues, committed player since 1971

Sustainable and responsible tourism is something that Vacances Bleues was already doing when it wasn't on the front page. That was more than 50 years ago.

Since then, Vacances Bleues has remained at the forefront with the same original enthusiasm.

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Responsible tourism? It all starts with local roots

No sustainable tourism without sustainable roots, that is the credo of Vacances Bleues since the first day of its existence in Marseille. Therefore:

  • The head office is based in Marseille, as is the call centre
  • Close links are established with local suppliers in order to encourage the supply of local products to the establishments
  • Each establishment is open to the general public, so locals can enjoy the Vacances Bleues facilities in the same way as tourists.
Sustainable tourism? We've been working on it for 50 years already!
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Solidarity holidays or the power of commitment

 As a pioneer in social and solidarity tourism, Vacances Bleues:

  • Offers budgets for all
  • Supports the association Les Petits Frères des Pauvres through its Foundation
  • Supports associations abroad, present in the various Voyager autrement tours
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Vacances Bleues is also committed abroad

In the context of its responsible and solidarity-based trips abroad, Vacances Bleues creates the conditions on the spot that enable its clients to live as close as possible to the people and to understand the realities of the countries in a subtle way.

Vacances Bleues is committed to sustainable holidays

At Vacances Bleues, we have chosen responsible, sustainable and solidarity-based tourism, and our commitments are consolidated year after year. Over time, we are building more and more partnerships and we are investing in the protection of the environment and in solidarity with the populations.

Promoting ecotourism

Ecotourism, or green tourism, is a broad concept that encompasses, behind the more ambitious projects, all the small gestures that each of us can make to make things happen. Starting with the way we travel. We encourage our holidaymakers to use soft mobility, to avoid flying and, as far as possible, driving. Hiking, cycling, canoeing... There are so many ways to discover your environment, especially during the holidays! There's no rush...

If you have no other solution than to take the plane, Vacances Bleues offsets your carbon footprint by financially supporting the association "Les amis de Rigoberta Menchu", whose mission is to plant trees in Guatemala.

Environmentally friendly accommodation

Our accommodation is as much as possible compatible with responsible tourism. We use reusable materials and prefer glass to plastic. In our residence in Château Laval, sheep from local farms tend to the lawn. Because every gesture counts.

Consuming locally to limit pollution

In all our restaurants, we favour short circuits. By doing so, we avoid pollution linked to transport, while helping to promote local producers. Sustainable holidays are also about protecting the living environment of those who welcome us to their beautiful regions.

Vacances Bleues and solidarity holidays

We have established a partnership with the Petits Frères des Pauvres, to enable isolated elderly people to go on holiday. With them, we also promote the integration of precarious workers by making our premises available for training.