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Local roots

for responsible tourism

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Solid local foundations to reach more people

Founded in Marseille, Vacances Bleues is proud of its strong Mediterranean origins and believes that its success is built on its grassroot approach. In addition, as it has always been backed by voluntary organisations and therefore has no shareholders, Vacances Bleues reinvests all of its profits.

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Supporting sustainable tourism by sourcing locally

As Vacances Bleues is committed to sustainable tourism and takes a grassroots approach, it makes it a priority to use local suppliers. Each establishment buys from local producers within a 150 km radius. Consequently, there are always 5 to 10 traditional ingredients from the region featured on the menu.

Why come to us, to eat as you do at home ?

Local discoveries

To raise awareness about the environment and to ensure we have a positive impact, Vacances Bleues offers guided tours to discover the surrounding area, with visits to local producers (farms and vineyards). These suppliers sometimes even hold events at our establishments to present their products.

Solidarity travel
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Vacances Bleues holidays are open to everyone

In keeping with our philosophy of sharing and inclusiveness, all our Vacances Bleues clubs, residences and hotels are open to everyone. The local population can therefore come for a few hours or for the day and benefit from our facilities which include swimming pools, tennis courts, games, restaurants, yoga or aqua gym activities.