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Vacances Bleues' commitments

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Places to best suit you and bonds that bring people together

Our priority is to enable everyone to go on holiday and forge memorable, long-lasting bonds during their trip.
Our mission is to support the lives and well-being of local people and the community as a whole, wherever and whenever we can.


VB is about holidays for all. In other words, equitable tourism.

As socially responsible operators, we believe that it is our duty to offer options to suit every budget, especially small budgets, without ever compromising on quality. In every case, we guarantee excellent value for money.

Holidays with us don't fund holidays for our shareholders

VB is about local experiences: Vacances Bleues' corporate social responsibility commitments

Ever since our Vacances Bleues adventure began, we have been working closely with local producers and craftsmen whose products, which symbolise their terroir, enhance our offer in each of our establishments. In doing so, we promote regional expertise and make a contribution to the local economy.

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VB is about sharing experiences

At Vacances Bleues, every year, families write their own stories filled with laughter, tennis matches, crazy evenings, touching encounters, joyous dinners, cultural discoveries, and thrilling moments as well as more peaceful ones... All these bonds created are precious to you and to us too.