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Responsible holidays

Ecotourism: Holidays where everyone benefits

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Ecotourism: Definition

Whether referred to as sustainable tourism or green tourism, the idea remains the same: Fulfilling holidays that benefit the local population and take care of the environment.

Faced with the negative effects of mass tourism, social and equitable holidays are an alternative that is attracting an increasing number of people in France. Let's take a closer look at this growing trend.

In 1992, the International Ecotourism Society defined ecotourism as "a form of responsible travel to natural areas that contributes to the protection of the environment and the well-being of local populations."

Green tourism therefore promotes positive experiences, both for those who like to travel in an alternative way and for local populations.

Why should we choose ecotourism ?

This is often the main source of motivation: Reducing pollution (in water, air, and soil), protecting natural environments, and protecting wildlife. These are all factors that contribute to enjoying our holidays with a clear conscience.

Green tourism often has a fair trade focus, as ecotourism operators rely heavily on the local population. Jobs are created on the ground and new bonds are forged.
Equitable tourism also ensures that working conditions are good for everybody, with fair remuneration.

Responsible tourism can lead to rich and meaningful experiences. It's the best way to learn about a culture in depth while being able to enjoy the natural environment. In addition, the various leisure activities on offer (such as hiking and canoeing) are a great way to stay healthy and feel good.

Some destinations such as Dubrovnik, Barcelona, Santorini, Venice and Bali are victims of their own success, with buses and cruise ships flooding them with tourists. Gradually, the local inhabitants are deserting the city centres as a result of inflated rental costs, a decline in convenience stores to make way for souvenir shops, and the difficulty of parking or getting around, even on foot. 
Faced with these issues, responsible tourism is therefore emerging as a welcome and necessary alternative.

Equitable tourism: The expertise of Vacances Bleues

As part of the Vacances Bleues group, Voyager Autrement has over 20 years of experience in this field and applies its expertise to fulfil your holiday dreams.

Our responsible tourism trips enable you to discover not only a country and a culture, but also the people who are making a difference in sustainably developing life within their communities. 

Voyager Autrement applies its expertise to fulfil your holiday dreams.

Protecting the planet without forsaking the wonder of it all

To travel a long distance, flying is still the most popular means of transport. But it is also the most energy-consuming and has the greatest ecological impact. So, how can we balance our desire to travel to far off lands with our commitment to protecting the environment ?

Travel light, in economy class and with no stopovers

Have you noticed that when you drive your car with a full load, your petrol or diesel consumption increases? Well, it's the same for planes. The more weight they carry, the more they consume. So reduce the weight of your luggage by taking only the bare essentials. You can always buy extra if you need to (often cheaper than in France) when you get there.

Similarly, if you are more concerned about the environment than luxury and comfort, opt for economy class. It carries more passengers than business class for the same number of litres of fuel burnt. Talking of fuel, did you know that a plane uses the most fuel when it takes off and lands? So if you can, choose direct flights.

An alternative to traditional travel and aligned with the realities of our times, ecotourism is attracting a growing number of people in France. Natural, cultural, and authentic experiences, coupled with some amazing discoveries... Green has never looked so good!


Carbon conversion option

To compensate for the emissions of a flight, we offer you a carbon conversion option. 
Using the Good Planet Foundation's calculator, we determine the estimated amount of your C02 emissions, which provides you with an estimated amount to pay, in order to offset them. Vacances Bleues uses this money to fund and support a reforestation project in the Lake Atitlán region (in Guatemala).


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