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Hotel Stays: Rugby World Cup

Hotel stays for the Rugby World Cup: Book now !

Coeur VB

Hotel stays for the Rugby World Cup

Are you planning to go to one or several of the 2023 Rugby World Cup matches? When it comes to booking your hotel, don't wait on the sidelines or you might risk being ejected from the scrum ! 

Rugby jokes aside, Vacances Bleues is a team effort. Whether you're looking for a hotel in Paris or in Nice, we have hundreds of rooms
 to choose from in a number of prestigious and characterful hotels.

Our teams won't by sweating in jerseys (thanks to air-conditioning), but they will be on hand to help you with everything you need, so you can enjoy your love of the game to the full, and celebrate with your family and friends. We share your passion: What better way to support "Les Bleus" than a stay with Vacances Bleues ?

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Paris 10th - Grands Boulevards
Hunting lodge of Henri IV, this completely renovated Art Deco hotel is located near theatres, museums and monuments.
3.5/5853 reviews


Facade of the Villa Modigliani*** Terrace of the Villa Modigliani Interior courtyard of the Villa Modigliani***. Breakfast room of the Villa Modigliani*** 2-person room at the Villa Modigliani***. 4-person room at the Villa Modigliani***. Bathroom of the Villa Modigliani Terrace restaurant of the Villa Modigliani***
Paris 14th - Montparnasse
Urban Zen in the heart of Paris! With its interior patio and garden, the Villa is an exceptional address.
4/5824 reviews


Photo principale.jpg royal-nice royal-nice-promenade-anglais View of the sea and the Promenade des Anglais from Le Royal*** 2-person room "Privilège" on the sea side of Le Royal***. Sea view balcony in Le Royal*** 2-person room on the sea side of Le Royal***. Le Royal*** facade by night Le Royal bedroom old town city side Bathroom in "Privilège" room Le Royal***. Le Royal indoor restaurant Le Royal Nice Outside terrace with sea view of Le Royal restaurant Le Royal Nice
Nice - Côte d'Azur
On the Promenade des Anglais facing the Baie des Anges, this former palace perfectly embodies Belle Epoque chic.
3.5/51281 reviews



Provinces Opéra : Hotel stays for Paris 2023

A trip to Paris in 2023 would be great, but being in the heart of the capital for after-match celebrations would be even better! When you're looking for a hotel in Paris to attend the Rugby World Cup, our 3-star hotel Provinces Opéra has plenty to offer. Ideally located in the city centre and close to the Grands Boulevards, it provides an exceptional setting for those in search of a cosy place to stay. The pros know how crucial it is to relax between games !  
You can come with your entire team, as there are 113 air-conditioned rooms available. All of the rooms are decorated in a contemporary designer style and each one is ensuite, with a bath, toilet and hairdryer. Everything you'll need to take care of your mane just like Sébastien Chabal...
Fans of the oval ball are often full of personality, as is our 3-star Hotel Provinces Opéra which was originally the hunting lodge of Henri IV.
It later became the convent of the "Filles de Dieu" before being converted into a hotel in 1850. Today, this rich past blends seamlessly with  contemporary touches as illustrated by the bar, dating back to 1925, and the contemporary artwork on display.
You will be just 25 minutes away from the Stade de France by metro, ready to rock the stands at the Rugby World Cup semi-final! 


Villa Modigliani :  3-star hotel stays for the Rugby World Cup

After the excitement of a tough match, the intensity of the scrums, dodging and dashing for a try, you deserve some down time. But which hotel in Paris can offer you a calm and relaxing break, away from the hustle and bustle of the City of Light ? Villa Modigliani with its interior patio area and tree-lined garden, set back from the busy streets, is a great place to unwind. Guests can continue to enjoy views of the garden from their bedroom windows, most of which overlook it.

After spending some time chilling, you will want to get back on the move. The surrounding streets and alleys are full of museums and theatres to explore as well as some iconic promenades.  The Tour Montparnasse and its panoramic observatory are also within easy reach of the hotel.

Close to all amenities, Villa Modigliani is also the perfect base for attending a big game, like the Rugby World Cup final, for instance !

Coeur VB

2023 Rugby World Cup matches at the Stade de France

80,000 fans from all over the world will gather at the Stade de France to support their team. 10 matches will be played in this legendary stadium. Book your tickets for

  • The opening match. The highly anticipated clash between France and New Zealand
  • The 2 semi-finals
  • The bronze final
  • The final

Fun Fact:  "Les Bleus" first set foot on the pitch in Saint-Denis 
on 7 February in 1998. Competing against England, Philippe Bernat-Salles and Christophe Dominici each scored a try and won the match with a 
24-17 victory. Let's hope "Les Bleus" will be just as talented in 2023 !

Where to go out after the match

To keep the vibe going and dissect the game, head to Pub Les Caractères, in the Latin Quarter. This place is oozing with passion for rugby. The walls are covered in jerseys and there are big screens for watching the matches...
There is even an area where you can have a dance, ideal when you're celebrating your team's victory!

Pub Les Caractères,
25, rue des Grands Augustins
75006 Paris
Odéon or St Michel metro stations


Le Royal in Nice : Your 3-star hotel stay for enjoying the Rugby World Cup to the full

Rugby fever will be sweeping the country and the French Riviera will certainly be hotting up. As a host city, Nice will stage several of the 2023 Rugby 
World Cup matches. Looking for a hotel? Le Royal is a great choice. 

Facing the sea, along La Promenade des Anglais, the 3-star Hotel Le Royal is an ideal location for your trip to see the rugby.  In the heart of the historic centre, this former palace, built in 1905, epitomises the prestige of the Belle Époque. This chic atmosphere is also reflected in the district's name: "Le Carré d'Or" meaning "golden square".

You will appreciate the exquisite decor including period mouldings and chandeliers which blend harmoniously with the contemporary artwork... And as we're talking about beautiful surroundings, we should mention the spectacular views with clear skies, overlooking La Baie des Anges and its several miles of beaches.

At night, Le Royal is adorned with a robe of light. Images and lighting are projected onto the façade, taking you on a lyrical and poetic journey.  Magical evenings await you. 

Coeur VB

2023 Rugby World Cup matches at the Stade de Nice

4 matches will be held at the Stade de Nice.

  • Wales vs the winner of the Final Qualification Tournament / Saturday 16 September 2023
  • England vs Japan / Sunday 17 September 2023 
  • Italy vs America 1 / Wednesday 20 September 2023 
  • Scotland vs Asia/Pacific 1 / Sunday 24 September 2023 

These 4 matches will be played in the group stages. The final teams will be announced in September 2023.

Fun fact : The England vs Japan match holds special meaning for England XV coach, Eddie Jones. He was coach for the 
Brave Blossoms (Japan's team) at the 2015 Rugby World Cup. 

Coeur VB

A closer look at the 2023 Rugby World Cup

The greatest men's rugby tournament in the world will be staged across our beautiful country from Friday 8 September to Saturday 28 October 2023. This prestigious event will be celebrating its tenth anniversary. The first took place in New Zealand, home to the All Blacks who went on to crush France in the final (29-9). Let's hope  the opening match in 2023 swings in our favour !
This is the second time France has hosted the Rugby World Cup. 
In 2007, it was chosen to host several matches, alongside two other countries, Wales and Scotland.

A further detail : In 2023, Chile will participate in the Rugby World Cup final phase for the very first time